RideInvest is an influential policy board with direct federal, state and private funding sources to develop and lead the current and future East Bay workforce into quality and fulfilling employment opportunities. Our main responsibility is to build a better workforce by linking employers, job seekers and youth to education, training and employment related programs and services. Through our services, employers can easily connect to talented job seekers, receive no cost training to enhance worker productivity and receive resources to avert layoffs. We serve job seekers by providing excellent case management, training and placement opportunities to attain high quality and fulfilling careers. Youth enrolled in our services are provided the necessary resources and work related experiences to become ready for the world of work.

We are located at the following address:

Eden Area Multi-Service Center

For Job Seeker services, please visit the Job Seeker page.

For Employer services, please visit the Business Services page.

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For a listing of RideInvest’s Board and Committee Members, please visit the Board page.