Business Services

Successful businesses are key to a healthy economy by attracting industry, talent and resources to the region. Our goal is to help local businesses develop a strong workforce through a demand driven and comprehensive approach to train, sustain and enhance future and existing workers. Work with us to learn how we can help provide customized and effective solutions for your company to thrive.

Business Development Group

The Alameda County Business Development Group is dedicated to providing a full scope of business services to promote profitability, hiring and general growth needs. The Business Development Group works in collaboration with the and related partners to provide a broad range of employment, education, training, and retention services; with no out of pocket costs to you.


A skilled and knowledgeable workforce is a vital component for a business enterprise to become successful and rise above the competition. In a dynamic and fast changing business world, companies need to adapt key competencies and skills to ensure their workforce is top notch and ready to work. Our training resources and products ensure your current and future workforce is properly trained and ready to meet the industrial demands of the 21st century. Tailor and combine several training options to create the perfect package for the successful development of your workforce.

Talent Pool

Access our talent pipeline to hire the perfect employee to meet your workforce demands. Search through our reservoir of skilled job seekers or work directly with a representative to tailor your specific job order. Our ready to work clients possess the proper skill sets and knowledge from all industries and occupations.


About to reduce your workforce? Contact us to work directly with a representative to consult on the variety of options available to you to help keep your current workforce or provide services for in-transition workers.

Customized Intelligence Reports

We provide comprehensive reports and consultations on a variety of workforce issues including human resources, skill development, knowledge attainment, employment trends and industry demand.

Other Employer Resources

Gain access to a breadth of public resources through our economic development and commerce partners. The available assets can assist your company streamline the permitting process, select suitable municipalities and sites for location, expand your business and retain existing customers.

Curriculum Development and Industry Pathways

Become actively engagement in developing local college curriculum and pipeline pathways from education to careers.

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