Customized Intelligence Reports

Compensation and Hiring

Hiring and retaining quality employees is a vital process for every company to remain and become competitive in a regional economy. Successful policies, incentives and strategies can greatly increase a company’s attractiveness to talented individuals. Our specialized reports and consultations help companies understand competitive compensation rates required to attract talented workers. Up to date information from several sources are compiled in our back of house to provide reliable and relevant compensation related information for all occupations and industries.

Skills, knowledge and abilities

Understanding the proper skills, education and relevant experience by occupation can ensure your workforce is ready to engage and attain your company’s industry goals. Our products compile and specifically tailor the skills, knowledge and abilities required by every occupation on your workforce team from the executive assistant to program manager. Know the toolkit of experience and skills for every occupation in your organization to ensure a fully functional workforce to meet every challenge.

Occupation Demand

We provide information on the hiring patterns of local industries and occupations by specific employer and location. Stay abreast on the current hiring trends of local industry leaders and compose hiring related plans to stay competitive.

Regional Competition

Interested in understanding how your company measures against local competitors in terms of staffing, hiring, wages, skills and human resource development? We have access to a wealth of information to help your company increase competitiveness and efficiency.