Employer Advisory Tables



Curriculum Development and Career Pathways

As a regional convener of economic and workforce development, we work closely with local colleges to develop academic curriculum that reflects the current workforce needs of local businesses. Our aim is to create coursework and knowledge bases that will allow graduates to enter into fulfilling and growing occupations. We invite local employers to work with us and the colleges to bridge a talent pipeline from education institutions to the workplace. As an employer, your feedback and cooperation will help ensure the next generation is properly equipped with the skills and knowledge to become productive and successful workers. Join the network of regional employers, educators and workforce development to actively engage in curriculum development.

Sector Partnerships

Employers expertise is valuable and helps to drive local economic development efforts to understand skills gaps, employer needs and business solutions. Join us at one of our employer advisory tables and join a community set on collaboratively arriving at business solutions together! We welcome your expertise!


For more information, please contact: Marybeth McCarthy- Program Specialist (Coordinator) by email  or phone 39