Training Programs


Need specific training services for existing and future workers?

We provide no-cost training services for employers to assist in developing workforce related needs.

On the Job Training (OJT)

Hire one of our County sponsored job seekers and we will reimburse your company with the associated costs of training a new employee. Employers are encouraged to use their own training system and our agency will provide the talent and resources.

Customized Training

Receive up to 50% of costs to train, retain and hire new employees to meet the occupations skills of your business. Resources can also be applied to improve literacy, soft skills and English as a second language (ESL). Companies are provided funds as long as they continue to employ or hire employees at the end of training activities.

Manufacturing Companies – Cost Reduction and Training Programs

RideInvest and associated partners are providing an operations cost reduction and workforce training program for local manufacturers. We have secured California State training funds that will pay up to 100% of program costs to qualified employers. This is a great opportunity for small to mid-size manufacturers to obtain training and business process tools at an affordable price. We would like to show you how to utilize modern business process tools to become more competitive and profitable. Internal and External Training includes:

  • Operational efficiency, lean manufacturing, sales and marketing training
  • Executive coaching and financial guidance including strategic planning
  • Team leadership and communication
  • Process engineering and quality management
  • Access to job-specific skills training

Interested employers should contact MANEX at (925) 807-5101 or


For general inquiries on any of the training programs, please contact Marybeth McCarthy Program Specialist at  or 39