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What is this Career Guide about?

It identifies occupations in the Bay Area with above average hiring demand, special skill requirements, good wages and high growth potential over the next three to five years. (refer to the first chart)

It also identifies occupations in the Bay Area that require Information Technology (IT) skills. There is currently a shortage of workers in IT occupations, and there are a number of different types of occupations that can appeal to individuals with very different skill sets and interest areas. Some of these occupations are in extremely high demand and pay excellent wages. (refer to the second chart)

None require a four year college degree.

Other introductory pages of this Career Guide include:

    These "emerging occupations" are organized in eight "clusters" shown below. Within each cluster there are multiple emerging occupations—this Career Guide describes one or two, as ideal entry points for those seeking a promising new career. Others exist, and will continue to emerge over time, which are not covered here. Also see the Information Technology (IT) careers listed below.
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Telecommunications Telecom Installer
Telecom Sales/Support
Network Systems Computer Network Technician
Health Care Home Health Aide
Biotechnology Biotech Technician
Multimedia Graphic Designer
Software Web Master/Mistress
Advanced Manufacturing

Electronics Technician
CNC Machine Operator

Environmental Hazardous Materials Technician

These "IT occupations" are organized into eight "clusters," as shown below. In some clusters, there are multiple occupations. Many of these occupations are ideal entry points for those seeking a promising new career. This is just a sampling of IT occupations. Others exist, and your One-Stop Career Center staff can help you find others.

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Hardware Assembly
Hardware Installation & Repair
Precision Assembler
Telecom Installer
Data Entry Accounting Clerk
Medical Transcriptionist
Technical Writing Technical Writer
Technical Support Technical Support Representative
PC Technician

Network Administrator
Network Technician

Software Computer Programmer
Quality Assurance Engineer

Web Designer
Graphic Designer


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