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Employers Who Are/Will Be Hiring

Currently there are not as many jobs available for Programmers as there usually are, but jobs are available. Most high-tech companies, hospitals, financial institutions, software companies, colleges, and universities employ programmers. While Web Designers can often find jobs at small companies, jobs for Programmers are most often found at larger companies.


Recommended Job Search Strategy

1. Develop a resume that includes a list of all programming tools you are familiar with.

2. Have an ASCII version of your resume available to submit electronically.

3. Check the Internet for job openings.

  • East Bay Works -

  • Caljobs -

  • Headhunter.NET -

  • Classified Gateway -

  • Career Builder -

  • Monster Board -

  • Yahoo! Classifieds -

4. Contact potential employers directly via their company website.

5. Check the Classified section of your local newspaper.

For additional information on this occupational field, contact the following:

  • The staff at your local One-Stop Career Center
  • IEEE Computer Society -
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) - (Bay Area Chapter:
  • ACM Special Interest Group on Software Engineering (SIGSOFT) -
  • Association for Women in Computing - (415) 905-4663
  • ACM Special Interest Group in Programming Languages (SIGPLAN) -
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