Technical Support Representative
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Employers Who Are/Will Be Hiring

Most Technical Support Representatives in the Bay Area work at high tech companies. Other employers include banks, government agencies, colleges, and insurance companies.


Recommended Job Search Strategy

1. Obtain a certificate or diploma from an accredited training program.

2. Obtain work experience that involves direct customer contact.

3. Check career centers in your county, as well as those associated with schools offering training in this area.

4. Check the classified section of your local newspaper.

5. Check the Internet for job openings. (Note: Website content and addresses are apt to change. The following were current at the time of publication.)

  • Caljobs -

  • Career Builder -

  • Classified Gateway -

  • East Bay Works -

  • Headhunter.NET -

  • Jobs Jobs Jobs -

  • Monster Board -

  • Yahoo! Classifieds -

For additional information on this occupational field, contact the following:

  • The staff at your local One-Stop Career Center
  • Technical Support Alliance Network -

  • The Association of Computer Support Specialists -
    (203) 332-1524
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) - (Bay Area Chapter:
  • Customer Care Institute -
  • Help Desk Institute -, Silicon Valley Chapter (408) 487-4000 x 301
  • International Customer Service Association -
  • Association of Support Professionals -
  • Association for Women in Computing - (415) 905-4663
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