Hazardous Waste/Materials Technician
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Employers Who Are/Will Be Hiring

Hazardous waste management firms represent the majority of positions available. Other positions can be found at local and county Environmental Protection Agencies, Manufacturers (computers, cars, telecommunications, aerospace, etc.), and Utility companies.

While the current economy has decreased the number of jobs available, this occupation is expected to rebound along with the rest of the economy.


Recommended Job Search Strategy

1. Obtain a certificate or diploma from an accredited training program.

2. Check career centers in your county, as well as those associated with schools offering training in this area.

3. Identify potential employers in your local Yellow Pages under:

  • Engineers - Hazardous Waste
  • Hazardous Material Control and Removal
  • Tanks Abandoned - Filled and Removed
  • Tank Testing and Inspection
  • Waste Disposal - Hazardous

4. Check the Classified section of your local newspaper under: o Environmental

5. Many public libraries and career centers now have computers that can be used to access the Internet. This will allow you to more easily search for positions around the Bay Area. (Note: website content and addresses are apt to change. The following were current at the time of publication.)

  • Yahoo! Classifieds - classifieds.yahoo.com/employment.html
  • Classified Gateway - www.sfgate.com/classifieds
  • Headhunter.NET - www.headhunter.net/scripts/jobfind.asp
  • Monster Board - www.monsterboard.com
  • Jobs Jobs Jobs - www.jobsjobsjobs.com
  • EastBay Works - www.eastbayworks.org
  • Caljobs - www.caljobs.ca.gov

For additional information on this occupational field, contact

  • The staff at your local One-Stop Career Center
  • Air and Waste Management Society - www.awma.org
  • Soil Science Society of America - www.soils.org
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