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Occupation Overview

These Clerks act as the intermediaries between policyholders and insurance companies, performing tasks such as interviewing policyholders regarding claims.

Insurance Claims Clerks are the people you typically talk to when you call your insurance company regarding an auto accident, or your medical insurance company regarding a claim. They are also sometimes called Claims Interviewers, Customer Service Associates, or Patient Account Clerks. They collect information from the insured person in order to settle a claim with the insurance company. They are often the first point of contact, and may do only the preliminary work with the customer.

Economic cycles have little effect on the demand for this occupation, and jobs are available most of the time. The medical insurance portion of this industry is growing the fastest, but overall this industry is growing more slowly than the average industry.


Future Growth Opportunities

Opportunities for Advancement:
Insurance Clerk, Supervisor, Insurance Adjuster, Examiner and Investigator, Insurance Sales Agent, Insurance Underwriter.

Skills Transferable to:
Accounting Clerk, General Office Worker, Medical Biller, Secretary, Typist.


Job Descriptions

Insurance Claims Clerks usually have a lot of contact with the public: explaining policies, completing insurance forms, and interviewing policyholders regarding claims. These conversations might take place in an office setting, or you might be in the office speaking to the customer over the telephone. Insurance Claims Clerks also perform solitary tasks such as reviewing insurance claim forms for completeness, calculating the amount of a claim, and sending along routine claims for payment (and sending those requiring investigation on to an investigator or underwriter).

It is critical to pay attention to detail in this job. The Clerk needs to make sure that the customers understand what their policy does and does not cover, and that all the needed information is provided in the claim. It is important for these Clerks to follow-up on all of the open cases they work on.

Insurance Claims Clerks also need to have a professional demeanor. It is important to be able to take the customers and your job seriously, and to be able to set reasonable expectations about what the customer will see happen after their claim is filed.

When it comes to taking and processing applications for insurance coverage, this is typically done by Insurance Policy Processing Clerks, not the Claims Clerks.

Entry Level: $6 - 16 / hour ($8 / hour average)

Experienced, New to Job: $6 - 21 / hour ($10 / hour average)

Experienced in Job: $7 - 26 / hour ($12 / hour average)

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