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Employers Who Are/Will Be Hiring

Many companies, small and large, hire Graphic Designers. Company types include public relations & advertising agencies, computer game developers, and educational software developers. In fact, most large companies have a Creative Services department that hires Graphic Designers.

Some of the companies hiring Graphic Designers at the time of publication include Redfish Technology, Personal, Comms People, 3dfx, iXL, Xerox, Web TV,, and


Recommended Job Search Strategy

1. Develop a portfolio which shows the best of your work, as well as a resume describing all software you are familiar with.

2. Check the newspaper classified ads under "Graphic Design"

3. Check your local Yellow Pages under "Graphic Design," "Computer Graphics," and "Computers - Multimedia" for companies

4. Check the Internet for job openings. (Note: website content and addresses are apt to change. The following were current at the time of publication.)

  • Yahoo! Classifieds -
  • Classified Gateway -
  • Headhunter.NET -
  • Monster Board -
  • Jobs Jobs Jobs -
  • EastBay Works -
  • Caljobs -

5. Consider contacting one of the following recruiting firms which specialize in graphic design:

  • West Valley Engineering: (408) 744-1420
  • Trend Tec: (408)436-1200, 26-5824
  • Echo Design and Temporary Personnel: (408) 436-1294
  • Technical Temps, Inc.: (408) 452-8367

6. Check with educational institutions for available internships, which may lead to a full time position.

7. Attend trade shows, such as E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo)

8. An excellent collection of job openings in this field is located at Artists in Print in San Francisco. They can be reached at (415) 243-8244.

For additional information on this occupational field, contact

  • The Staff at your local One-Stop Career Center
  • American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) -
  • Graphic Arts Technical Foundation - or (800) 910-GATF
  • Graphic Artists Guild -
  • Organization of Black Designers -
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