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Employers Who Are/Will Be Hiring

Many Webmasters are independent contractors, or work for small firms specializing in creating and maintaining web sites for others.

Within large corporations, individual organizations will often provide opportunities by developing and maintaining a separate website. There are also sophisticated graphic design firms and WWW consulting firms that employ Webmasters.


Recommended Job Search Strategy

1. Develop a website of your own that is at least on par with the average web site in appearance, functionality, and navigability.

2. Consider obtaining a certification, such as the Web Manager certification offered by the Association of Web Professionals (www.a-w-p.org) and the International Webmasters Association (www.iwanet.org).

3. Have an ASCII version of your resume available to submit electronically.

4. Check the Internet for job openings. (Note: website content and addresses are apt to change. The following were current at the time of publication.)

  • Yahoo! Classifieds - classifieds.yahoo.com/employment.html
  • Classified Gateway - www.sfgate.com/classifieds
  • Headhunter.NET - www.headhunter.net/scripts/jobfind.asp
  • Monster Board - www.monsterboard.com
  • Jobs Jobs Jobs - www.jobsjobsjobs.com
  • EastBay Works - www.eastbayworks.org
  • Caljobs - www.caljobs.ca.gov

5. Identify and contact potential employers in your local Yellow Pages under:

  • Computers - On-Line Services & Internet

6. Check the Classified section of your local newspaper.

7. For additional information on this occupational field, contact

  • The staff at your local One-Stop Career Center
  • International Webmasters Association - www.iwanet.org
  • Association of Online Professionals - www.aop.org
  • Association of Internet Professionals - www.webguild.org
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