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Quality Assurance Engineer
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Occupation Overview

While Software Engineers or Computer Programmers write software programs, QA (Quality Assurance) Engineers test these applications to ensure the entire program works as intended.

This job appeals to people who like to identify problems and fix them. QA Engineers develop test plans and typically use automated tools to test the software. They also document errors encountered and verify corrections made to the software. All of this requires a background in software development as well as some training in QA methods and tools.


Future Growth Opportunities

Opportunities for Advancement:

Senior QA Engineer, Lead QA Engineer, QA Manager, and Quality Manager.

Skills Transferable to:

Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, and Technical Support Engineer.


Job Descriptions

Inexperienced: ($15-38/hr)

Experienced: ($25-45/hr)

QA Engineers are responsible for identifying problems in a variety of software programs. Their responsibilities include creating test plans, automating test scripts, and diagnosing issues discovered during testing. They document the defects identified and track their changing status as the defects get fixed.QA Engineers will generate written reports for management and also work closely with other software development team members.

Senior QA Engineers may be involved in the evaluation and selection of testing tools, and in assisting more junior software testers.

QA Managers lead and manage a team of QA Engineers. A QA Manager may also be responsible for defining the overall QA process and infrastructure, and for training QA Engineers.

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