The Alameda Workforce Investment Board

Alameda County's Workforce Investment Board establishes services that provide individuals with information necessary to make informed consumer choices regarding their careers and the steps necessary to achieve their employment goals. All services are aimed at helping individuals manage their own careers and professional development.

The is guided by these key principles:

  • One-Stop Centers will provide universal access to core services

  • The system will deliver customer choice through individual training accounts and a consumer report card

  • There will be performance accountability throughout the system and flexibility within the system

  • Youth programs will be community driven

  • The WIB will promote the leadership of the private-sector for the system's strategic planning and development.

The WIB's vision is at the end of five years, the local workforce development system will be a more efficient, user friendly, customer focused, results driven system serving a broader range of clients than the system that exists today. Employers and business will perceive real value in the system's services and in the system's ability to provide skilled workers in a significantly greater capacity than that of the current system.

Ohlone College

The mission of Ohlone College is to serve the community by providing a center for career, technology, science and liberal arts education, cultural enrichment, economic development and lifelong learning. The college affirms its commitment to open access for all adults who can benefit from its instruction.

There are 35 academic departments and 28 vocational programs at Ohlone College. These quality programs are filled with award-winning faculty who are committed to each student's success on both an individual and community level. Along with new programs, Ohlone has developed over 70 short-term, Fast Track Certificates of Completion to meet student and employer needs. Ohlone is located in Fremont, CA off 680 and Mission Boulevard and in Newark, CA on Cedar Boulevard.

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