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Telecommunications Installer
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Skill Requirements

Intellectual - basic

  • Able to make judgments and decisions.
  • Able to meet strict standards.
  • Able to understand and carry out instructions.
  • Self-disciplined and self-motivated

Intellectual - specialized

  • Basic math skills.


  • Able to give and receive directions. Able to work with others, and work independently.


  • Moderate physical activity is required, including climbing to high loca-tions and working in low, cramped quarters. Stamina and coordination are also required.
  • Able to use hand tools and electronic test equipment.
  • Able to discriminate colors (wires are often coded by color).
  • On-call 24 hours a day with possible long or irregular hours.
  • Able to work outdoors in any weather condition.

Skill Maintenance Requirement

  • High. The pace of technological change is fast and necessitates continuing education. As large companies continue to try to reduce costs, they are providing less training for their employees, and expect employees to go outside the company for training. It is also impractical for the smaller companies entering the field to provide formal training. Many programs in the Bay Area provide such training.

Experience Prerequisites

Cable Puller: None

Technician I: 6 months as Cable Puller

Technician II: 2 years as Technician I

Technician III: 2 years as Technician II


Education/Training Required

A high school diploma or GED is preferred for Cable Pullers. For the Technician positions, 1-2 years vocational or technical school, or an apprenticeship is preferred. An AS Degree in computer science or telecommunications earns credits toward apprenticeship certification.

To obtain an extensive list of training providers for Telecom Installers in California, refer to the State Training Inventory (STI) website:

  • Go to
  • Select "Occupational Titles"
  • Select "Production, Construction, operating, Maintenance, and Material Handling Occupations"
  • Select "Communication Systems Installer and Repairer" in the Training Program column

The above website will provide a list of the relevant training providers along with their addresses and telephone numbers. The next section in this career guide ("Bay Area Education/Training Resources") provides detailed information on some of these training programs.

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