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Occupation Overview

In spite of the 2001 economic slow down, the telecommunications industry is one of the most dynamic industries today due to its quickly changing and expanding technologies and services. By 2003 it should resume growing at a faster rate than most industries. While originally focused on the transmission of voice, the transmission of data, images, and video is on the rise. Fiber optic cables are replacing the traditional copper wires, and cellular (wireless) technology is becoming more prevalent. Cable TV providers even use their lines to provide telephone and Internet service in addition to television signals.

People who succeed in this occupation are able to understand complex technical products and services and have good problem solving skills. They also enjoy working with all types of people, as this job requires being in contact with people most of the time, be they customers, other sales/support personnel or management. It is important to be able to work well with both pleasant and even demanding or rude customers.

There are various types of customers, such as business, residential, and special accounts. There are also different product areas such as data networking, internet service providers, cellular telephones and traditional telephones.

It is critical to be well informed about the products and/or services being offered by the company you represent. Technology continues to change rapidly, requiring on-going learning.


Future Growth Opportunities

Opportunities for Advancement:
Advancement occurs as one becomes familiar with more products and services, and demonstrates the ability to sell and/or support customers.

Career growth can include supporting more important customers and promotions into sales or service management for the same product/service area or related ones.

Skills Transferable to:
Customer Service, Sales, and Technical Support of other product types.


Job Descriptions

These jobs take place in an office environment where the telephone and a computerized support system are the primary tools. In sales work, the calls are usually outbound and often "cold calls" (i.e., to prospects who have no previously determined "need"). In customer service, you handle inquiries as they come in, and interface with internal technical and operations personnel to get answers when needed.

Many sales positions pay a fixed salary plus commission. The following salary ranges include both.

Entry Level: $8 - 25 / hour (average: $16 / hour)

Experienced, New to Job: $9 - 30 / hour (average: $18 / hour)

Experienced in Job: $15 - 40 / hour (average: $22 / hour)

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