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Web Master/Mistress
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Occupation Overview

The World Wide Web (WWW) has seen dramatic growth in its short existence. It has caught on more quickly than just about any other innovation this century and has created the most recent explosion of growth in the Information Technology (IT) industry and IT occupations. According to Intelliquest, a market research firm, more than 80 million adults were accessing the Internet in April of 1999.

Most companies today perceive the need to establish a web presence. This allows them to provide information about their company and their products/services in a cost-effective manner to those who are interested in their company.

On-line commerce is also becoming more prevalent. Not only are and eBay doing well, many retailers are starting to provide customers with the opportunity to purchase goods directly from the Internet.

This has all led to a growing need for technically proficient Web Masters / Mistresses who can apply their skills for marketing purposes. Web Masters are responsible for maintaining websites. They might also be involved in defining and implementing the features of the website.

Companies will sometimes hire out the original implementation tasks, but typically someone internally manages the site as a Web Master / Mistress.


Future Growth Opportunities

Opportunities for Advancement:

System Administrator and management are two common advancement routes for this occupation. Other options include starting your own Internet consulting firm or working for another small Internet firm.

Skills Transferable to:

Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, and Computer Systems Analyst.


Job Descriptions

Beginning ($10-20/hr)

Experienced ($15-40/hr)

Web Masters / Mistresses, like Web Page Designers (and even some Graphic Designers), create web pages. However, the majority of their responsibilities involve the maintenance and updating of an existing website. They are responsible for ensuring the website operates as expected, maintaining consistency throughout the website, ensuring that hyperlinks to other places on the WWW are current, and responding to questions/requests/complaints from users. Additionally, they are responsible for the style and content of the site.

One may start out as a Web Page Designer and work their way up to a Web Master / Mistress position. Salaries vary widely in this industry, and are sometimes quite high, sometimes reaching $60/hour or more. (The salaries above are averages.)


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