Job Seeker

Local job seekers are welcome to visit or contact our one stop offices to receive workforce related assistance. We provide training, job placement assistance and individualized case management. Clients could also be eligible to receive financial aid, healthcare and welfare assistance.

RideInvest partners with local non-profit and Community College Institutions to operate our one stop workforce delivery system. Visit in person or call to receive information and services.

One Stop Centers

One Stop Career Centers provide a full range of assistance to job seekers. The Centers offer training referrals, career counseling, job listings, and other employment-related services. Customers can register and access information at a center in person or through EastBay Works Online.


The oversees One Stop Career Centers. Programs and services are designed to meet the needs of job seekers who want to begin and advance their careers.

Information and Research

Interested in the most recent East Bay employment trends? Navigate to our Info and Research section to find reports about occupations and industry trends.