One of our main goals is to provide the resources and experiences for youth to successfully transition into quality career driven opportunities linked to current and future labor market needs. The services we offer are broad and follow a systematic approach allowing for steady guidance instead of short-term interventions. The Career Readiness Program offers services to every type of youth including those attending school, out of school youth and foster youth. Our youth program is based on integrating academic and work related experiences that create connections with employers. We serve youth between the ages of 16-21. Youth can expect to receive specific services dedicated to provide work experience, internships, counseling and mentoring. To start receiving services, please contact or visit one of our Youth Career Centers.



We partner with three outstanding youth providers in Alameda County. Each provider specializes in youth employment development in each of the four geographical regions in the County.

Career Readiness Program

Information about our current WIA funded youth program.

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